Armor All® Smartshield™
from American Solutions for Business

A superior Appearance Protection Program for your dealership

We can help you increase profit with each vehicle sale when you implement the Armor All(R) Smartshield(TM) Appearance Protection Program.


American Solutions for Business has partnered with Armor All Dealer Solutions to offer the Smartshield™ Appearance Protection program to our dealership customers. This program will help you increase profit at your dealership with a lower than average cost and higher than average sales success rate. Smartshield™ offers new, cutting edge chemistry to protect both the interior and exterior of the vehicle and an industry leading warranty to ensure satisfied customers.

The Armor All® Smartshield™ Appearance Protection program is a great product to add to your F&I offering for a number of reasons, including:

• 35% or higher sales penetration rate*
• Industry leading warranty (lifetime for new cars, 6 years for pre-owned)
• No upfront costs (you pay as you sell!)
• Lower cost per application**
• Name recognition of Armor All®, #1 in automotive appearance protection among consumers
• Simple and quick, one-time product application
• electronic warranty activation integrated with your F&I menu system***

At ASB, we want to be your revenue generating partner. When you implement the Smartshield™ program in your dealership, we work with you to ensure staff is properly trained to achieve the highest level of success and drive dealership profits.

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*Dealerships that follow the Smartshield™ sales track consistently, on average, realize 35% sales penetration
**Armor All® Smartshield™ has a lower cost than most competitors
***Dependant upon menu system compatibility. We are able to integrate with the most common F&I menu systems