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American is a major provider to the healthcare industry. Facilities of all types benefit from the variety of solutions, services and savings that we provide. As an endorsed supplier of national healthcare group purchasing organizations, we’re able to pass along volume discounts received through our valued supplier relationships. With our experience in healthcare solutions, you’ll see why American is your strategic business partner.



improve communication

Patient communication boards are high-quality, in-room centers featuring your custom graphics. Designed for use in patient, operating, emergency rooms and more, these boards provide nurses and physicians a convenient place to list patient goals, daily care plans, test schedules and important notes. 


STANDARD – Our patented, high gloss coated boards are guaranteed to last at least 5 years! These boards have a variety of frame options and are offered with or without a magnetic surface. 

CAREBOARD™ – These interchangeable, easy-to-layer, magnetic graphics easily peel off for patient transfers or to accommodate different language and care needs. The 3D laminate frame prevents erasers from marking up walls and come in a variety of colors. Our Modular Careboard System includes additional opportunities to enhance communication. Consider adding a corkboard, chart or literature holder to your custom careboard. 

GLASS – Tempered glass is frameless and easy to clean without germ-inviting erasers! This elegant communication board is also built to last and is guaranteed for 50 years.

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Did you know that color can affect mood and healing? Consider how color can play a factor in your patients’ health and satisfaction. Studies have proven that behavior can be influenced by colors. Have you ever wondered why green and blue are both standard scrub colors? It’s been shown that shades of blue and green can make patients feel calmer, more balanced and even less emotional. 

Green can give a calming effect and can have an emotional correlation with safety. Likewise, blue has been associated with health, healing, tranquility and understanding. In addition to color, designers have said that the role of art is very beneficial to the patient experience – consider combining the two for more impact. 

If you’re looking to reduce sound, add color and improve comfort in your facility, consider our sensory improvement products – sound-dampening panels, calming lights and aesthetically pleasing graphics – each designed to help improve patient surroundings and in-room sound levels. Whether you’re looking for calming illumination, sound-dampening panels or graphics that provide optimal recovery and clinical outcomes, American can DELIVER the solution. 

THINK LOCAL – Do you have a talented artist in your area? Consider having us partner with them to turn their art into a multi-functional piece – bringing beauty and reducing noise. Interior designers have found that people respond well to familiar artwork.

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Welcome to a world of mobile, online survey tools! Let our survey suite capture customer input, real-time ratings, operational assessments and more via a web-based interface! Get real-time feedback from your patients, their families and visitors – as well as your internal staff – to help improve your HCAHPS scores, overall operations and patient retention.

Experience excellent back-end, real-time analytics that allow you to track responses as they happen – giving you the ability to fix problems immediately.

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The perception of your healthcare facility starts before a patient ever steps foot through your doors. Regardless of the reason for the visit, it isn’t uncommon for people to be overwhelmed when it comes to their health.  A thoughtful yet simple gift can help put your patients at ease  – water bottle, pillow, pill holder or skin care item. 

These simple tokens can leave a positive impression that lasts long after a patient leaves your facility.  Whether you're looking for an individual item or want an entire patient experience kit, we have a full line of products to address your patients’ needs.

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We work closely with you and your staff to select the most effective and efficient plans for your print, promotional and marketing needs. Let us put our national buying power, proprietary eCommerce technology and vast solutions to work for you – saving your facility time and money. Enjoy the collaborative, creative and cost saving benefits that partnering with American will provide. 

ON A TIGHT BUDGET? We’ll work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and needs. We have a variety of solutions and can surely find the one that’s right for you!

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ranked #1 in the nation

We’re proud to be a leader in our industry! From promotional products to print and marketing services, we have the solutions to take your ideas and initiatives to the next level…and the rankings to prove it! 

In addition, American has been highly ranked by other industry publications – Print + Promo, Counselor and Promo Marketing magazines.

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