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American provides retailers, retail banks and manufacturers who sell through retail channels complete support – from unique fixtures, to effective POP and signage options, to the distribution of those materials.  We can even provide apparel solutions, production and distribution of HR and training materials and ultimately the analytics to improve the entire store operations value chain.  All these products and services can be mixed and matched as needed for you to drive ever increasing same store sales and dramatically improve the ROI on your marketing investment! 




Our US and China-based engineering teams are skilled technicians, detailing optimal fabrication methods and material selection for your fixtures and displays.  A blend of art and science, intelligent engineering is the backbone of every successful fixture program.  If you are ready to challenge the status quo, turn our team loose with a thorough review of your program. We will show you how to drive performance while avoiding unnecessary costs!

Whether your program requires custom tooling, plastics molding, wood and laminates production, wire, tube or sheet metal fabrication, wet paint, powder coat, silk screening, electronics integration or a combination of these materials and processes, our state-of-the-art facilities in the United States, China and Mexico are ready to service your program with speed, precision and efficiency.

Our manufacturing operations are strategically diversified.  From a high-precision prototype to a mass rollout, our facilities can deliver on your project’s unique requirements.  And with offices, operations and staff in the US, China and Mexico, we manage every job directly from the factory-floor insuring quality and timing standards are achieved, every time.

Choosing the correct delivery method is a detail that should be built into your project scope – it is no less important than having the correct fixture developed for your program!  If you want skids delivered to your dock, no problem.  But maybe you need the fixture uncrated and set in place with packaging removed and discarded – we can do that.  And while it should be the exception, if you need critical, overnight delivery to meet a unique need, we can do that as well!

American Solutions for Business can provide nationwide installation teams.  What this means to you is that skilled installers are on the ground, in every state and ready to service your needs.  We strive to eliminate expensive, long-distance installer deployments.  We will guide you through step-by-step installation program development that best-utilizes your installation dollars to deliver the fixture program that you need.

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Once a customer walks through your doors, point of purchase visuals become the critical link that delivers the right message to drive sales and profit.  American provides you with the broadest array of signage options at the lowest prices.  We also provide you with new and unique ideas, not just cost savings.  Think of it as a two for one sale!

American manages a broad, geographically dispersed, demographically diverse vendor base.  We leverage our overall spend and our close vendor relationships to bring you a POP sourcing experience that most retailers just cannot afford to build – who has the time to manage hundreds of printer relationships?  American Retail does (on your behalf)!

Further, our quality control measures ensure our printers produce to your exacting needs and specifications.  However, because of the larger number of vendors you get more options and more ideas for creative (and ultimately more effective) POP. All this and cost savings you can drop to the bottom line or re-invest in additional campaigns that are more effective.

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Creative signage and visuals that are perfectly produced are all for naught if they aren’t delivered on time or are damaged on the way!  Make sure all your hard work counts and your materials make it to the locations where they are needed, when they are needed and in perfect shape to be used.  

American ensures you never miss an in-store date.  Our facilities use the processes and systems needed to manage your distributions – from the overall objectives to the tiniest of details like ensuring your posters remain scratch free during shipping.

We work directly with your marketing and store operations teams during the planning phases right through execution to ensure we are the team members you want and deserve – the kind of folks you can depend on to deliver in every sense of the word!  (And maybe even save some on freight expenses…)

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Are your staff uniforms, well, uniform?  Are they easy for supervisors to order?  Is the program tailored to your needs?  American can ensure your apparel needs are met affordably with the ease your store managers need.

We can provide you with the options – materials, styling, colors, sizes, embroidery, etc. – that will give your staff the professional appearance you desire.

We can also provide the systems and processes that make it easy for your field managers and your corporate groups to manage the program – visibility, flexibility, control and savings can be yours.

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Are you able to get HR packets to your locations for the new hires?  Appropriate to the particular state or region?  How about your training materials for those same new hires?  All important operational details American can help you get right.

American can handle all aspects of your program – production (produced and shelved or printed on-demand digital), efficient distribution, easy online ordering, tracking and analytics – everything you need to handle these details of your retail operations.

Let us analyze your existing materials and processes and suggest improvements based on our experience and expertise.

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Making good decisions about your print and marketing communications is difficult – what will work best for each different segment, what has worked in the past, how affordable is each tactic, what mix yields the best overall ROI?  Making good decisions requires data – data about what has worked in the past, what costs were incurred, how easy or hard the tactic was to execute, etc.  American can help.

American has the processes and systems that will provide the data needed to help you make the right decisions to drive revenue, acquire new prospects and reach individuals in the manner they want to be contacted.  Plus, our experienced personnel have the knowledge and expertise to take the data and apply it to your unique situation.  All of this will equal superior results (and typically at better prices!).

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